About Us

We started LivingDot in 2003 offering professional blog hosting services to individuals and businesses.

Our staff knows all there's to know when it comes to blog hosting, Movable Type and WordPress. If we get stuck rest assured we will find the answer.

As of today we're providing our blog hosting services to a number of media companies and businesses such as Adobe, Washington Post, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Tribune, Belo, CapitalOne, Expedia, and many others.

How The Company Started...

Expertise, acquired one day at a time for the past eight years.

From its inception in 2003 — long before the concept of blogging even had entered the public vocabulary — LivingDot has been a leading and foresighted blog hosting company, built on exemplary service and know-how.

Time and time again, over 45 pages of customer testimonials will tell you why they count on LivingDot: For state-of-the-art solutions backed up at every step by the highest quality hardware and network connectivity. For the finest blog platforms in Movable Type and WordPress. And for the expertise, acquired one day at a time for the past five years, that makes those platforms work for each client — from individuals to corporate giants.

But LivingDot has more than technology to offer. It always has been, and remains, a team of hands-on Internet professionals that knows all there is to know about blogging and the Moveable Type and WordPress platforms — as well as Graphic and Web Design, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and various web development and programming roles. By combining our in-house web expertise with a dedicated data center and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are able to provide blog hosting that we believe is the best anywhere.

Our client list attests to that. The Washington Post, TIME Magazine, Newsweek, Tribune, Belo, CapitalOne, and Expedia are just a few of the notable firms that turn to LivingDot to keep their blogs state-of-the-art. The media has noticed, too, and told their readers about LivingDot, including such publications as The New York Times and the popular book, Blogging for Dummies.

To learn how LivingDot can deliver to you the same powerful solutions those clients and many others are already finding here, sign up today.

We know what makes an outstanding blog host.